"Robert and Paula provided a thoroughly enjoyable and informative workshop designed to assist our team to understand each other and how we work together using a number of team activities including the very helpful Personality Dimensions.

Teambuilding is important but as important is to follow up on the investment and ensure the ongoing health of the team and reassure staff of the commitment to their needs. Robert and Paula offer a follow-up session where participants can review their learning and describe how they have been applied in the workplace. This was an excellent opportunity to acknowledge the need to nurture and grow our teams."

Susan Dmyterko
Alberta Child and Family Services

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Team Building and Development / Employee Engagement

Could your business, organization, or team benefit from a professional development or team building workshop? Career Designs for Life offers tailored Personality Dimensions ® and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® workshops and would be happy to discuss your specific needs with you.


Personality Dimensions®, as a tool for explaining what motivates behaviour in people with different personalities or temperaments, has been used since 2003 to support temperament theory and to provide an easily understood methodology for building self-awareness, self-esteem and effective communication strategies. Presented in an informative, interactive, self-discovery format, this human relations and communications model enhances the basic values of self esteem, dignity, and self worth. An understanding of temperament theory is invaluable and has a wide range of applications including team building, individual and organizational development, customer service and satisfaction, career development, work-life balance, etc.



The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® continues to be a trusted and widely used instrument for individual, group, and organizational development. The self-report questionnaire is used to measure individual preferences for focusing attention and getting energy, taking in information, making decisions, and orientation to the external world. For over 50 years Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® has been a valuable tool for understanding individual differences and preferences, improving communication skills, understanding and reducing conflict, change management, time management, knowledge of personal and work styles, and identifying work environments and tasks that are most satisfying.

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Career Designs for Life is pleased to partner with Powerful Play Experiences to provide your team with an interactive and inspiring team building workshop:

“Me Building IS Team Building”

This collaborative workshop features Personality Dimensions or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) as the foundation for accelerated team success.

• Enhance your overall understanding of personality type at work and in life
• Elevate your workplace communication skills
• Effectively manage workplace conflict and changes

This workshop will elevate your awareness of your personal greatness and accelerate your team success.

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